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Corn crop being sprayed
Corn crop being sprayed
Ag Supply Chain

Our line of low-salt, chloride-free liquid fertilizers can be safely used near the seed for better fertilizer efficiency.

Discover how you can maximize seed growth and production.

Our line of high-efficiency, quality micronutrients offer superior uptake, are easy to use, and are compatible with different types of fertilizers, many herbicides, and insecticides.

Learn more on how to best supplement your fertilizer.

We offer a line of technologically advanced, easy-to-handle products to improve soil health and yield potential, including humic solutions and pelletized limestone and gypsum products.

Find out how easy it is to improve your soil’s health.

We provide easy access to a broad range of OMRI Listed® crop nutrients and soil amendments approved for organic use.

Learn how we can service your organic nutrient needs.

Our experienced sales team works closely with our dealer network to ensure access to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash (NPK) products, the major building blocks of all fertilizers.

See our line of products or contact a member of our sales team.

Combine harvesting corn field
Combine harvesting corn field
Ag Supply Chain
Farmer Services

Our Farm Centers offer an extensive selection of products and services that are vital to successful crop production.

Our Ag Advisors’ expertise, combined with modern technology, provides growers with solutions to maximize crop production and income.

We have been serving the ag community for 75 years. Our grain facilities located across the U.S. accept corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and other commodities.

As commodity markets become more volatile, a proper risk management strategy is essential for continued profitability. This is why we offer many different risk-management programs and solutions through our Freedom® Pricing Tools.

The Andersons is a trusted buyer of grains, oilseeds, food-grade soybeans, and organic crops with grain terminals throughout Ontario, Canada. We find global markets for customers’ grain and specialty crops and offer risk management solutions through our Freedom® Pricing Tools.

Trader working at their desk with multiple monitors
Trader working at their desk with multiple monitors
Ag Supply Chain

The Andersons is helping to alleviate the world’s carbon footprint, as well as continuing to drive value to the company, through both existing practices within our renewables business and our strategic investments.

We have grain terminals across North America that buy and sell corn, soybean, and wheat, as well as other commodities.

We excel in domestic and international trading from our decades of experience of marketing ethanol products and plant operations.

Merchandising physical commodities is the core of our business. Our strategically located facilities allow us to effectively and efficiently merchandise and trade commodities as well as focus on physical delivery based on demand.

We have a comprehensive logistics network that provides extensive transportation support. We’ll take care of freight logistics, arranging for delivery via truck, rail, vessel, or container.

We offer an innovative high-protein feed ingredient that is corn-based and highly digestible, as well as low in both fiber and anti-nutritional compounds.

We specialize in the trading and transportation of propane, butane, and natural gas across North America.

Our trading desk buys and sells vegetable oils and fats, for both the human consumption and animal feed markets as well as for industrial use.

We specialize in supplying high-quality bulk feed ingredients to livestock producers, feed mills, and large, multi-national companies. Our dedicated ingredient team ensures the highest feed quality, dependable delivery, and the most competitive prices.

The Andersons is committed to ensuring a consistent, high-quality supply of pet food ingredients. 

Equipment at an ethanol plant
Equipment at an ethanol plant

The Andersons four ethanol plants refine corn into ethanol, a renewable, low-cost, clean-burning, high-octane fuel product for refiners, fuel blenders, and convenience stores.

We are a trusted distributor of high-quality E-85 fuel for U.S. retailers.

We currently have a supply agreement with a major liquified CO2 and dry ice provider that turns the CO2 into liquid CO2 for beverages as well as dry ice for food (frozen food, catering, etc.) and cleaning (ice blasting) applications.

Corn oil works well in industrial, feed, biodiesel, and renewable diesel applications and is competitively priced against other alternative products which allows for better economics. 

We partner with other companies to provide feedstocks used to produce renewable diesel, resulting in reducing carbon emissions and delivering strong performance.

An individual filling product bags at an operations location
An individual filling product bags at an operations location
Industrial and Specialty Products

From blasting and polishing to spill cleanup and environmental restoration, our granular materials have been making light work of big jobs for decades.

Our granular expertise is a hallmark of The Andersons. By leveraging our experience and advanced granular technologies, we have made some of the most stubborn chemistry perform beyond expectations.

We provide manufacturing and packaging services, as well as research and development, regulatory, and marketing expertise, to some of the largest branded marketing and chemical companies in the world.

We can help you move your product from concept to market.

Our fabrication shop specializes in railcar component manufacturing as well as custom design and fabrication of mild steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel items.

Our facilities manufacture, package, distribute, and inventory a broad range of dry and liquid industrial products, including nitrogen reagents, deicers, and anti-icers.

Our corncob-based products are sold into industrial markets for use as blast cleaners, polishers, absorbents, and carriers. These products are also sold into the oil and gas industry for solidification, stabilization, and remediation purposes.

As one of the most trusted names in the industry, we offer a complete line of bedding, nesting, and enrichment products aimed at making an unnatural environment more natural.

Specializing in cat litter, animal bedding, and environmental enrichment, our line of pet products and contract services supports small animals, reptiles, chickens, horses, and more.

Selection of premium ingredients
Selection of premium ingredients
Premium Ingredients

Our food ingredients team has been a preferred supplier to the food ingredient industry since 1981, providing a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality, food-grade ingredients and products.

We are a key supplier of Identity Preserved Protein® soybeans and dry bean varieties to the canning and food processing industry, contracting with North American producers for customers in export and domestic markets. We also procure, process, package, and market dry beans for the retail grocery market.

We supply high-quality, food-grade corn to the snack food and tortilla industries while offering additional tools and services to help manage price risk.

Our experience in the food corn industry has given us a clear understanding of the importance of consistent starch content, high bushel test weight, hard endosperm, and easy pericarp removal for optimum yields and uniform cooking.

We supply high-quality bulk and bagged oats as a horse/racehorse feed ingredient to livestock producers, feed mills, and large, multi-national companies in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Our dedicated oats team focuses on building and maintaining long-term relationships by providing a consistent, dependable supply of high-quality oats when and where you need it.

Working with The Andersons on your organic crops provides you the marketing flexibility and service you need in a partner. You will gain the partnership of our professional logistics team, grain merchandisers, and years of market knowledge.

The Andersons is committed to ensuring a consistent, high-quality supply of pet food ingredients.

Turf being applied and unrolled
Turf being applied and unrolled

We provide next-generation fertilizers, soil amendments, and control products to the golf, sports turf, lawn and landscape, and horticulture markets throughout the U.S. and around the world.

On The Andersons Home and Garden, we've hand-picked some of our best-performing lawn and garden products used by professionals around the world and made them available to homeowners through online purchase.

Lawnbox delivers 100% organic, professional-grade products that are OMRI Listed®, environmentally friendly, and safe for kids and pets, right to your front door. The suite of residential products can be purchased as a subscription or à la carte.

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